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ADHD Appraisal

All children have problems paying attention and controlling their behavior, but for some children, these problems negatively affect some areas of their life, like their performance at school or interaction with friends. A child with ADHD may have problems in either one or both of these areas: paying attention and controlling either hyperactive or impulsive behavior. Use this appraisal to help you decide if your child needs further evaluation.

Please answer the questions below and click "View Results" to submit the form.

Attention Problems Yes No
 1. My child often makes careless mistakes on his schoolwork.  
 2. My child often has trouble paying attention to instructions and/or concentrating on daily activities.  
 3. My child often does not seem to listen.  
 4. My child often does not finish tasks, such as chores and homework.  
 5. My child often has difficulty organizing activities.  
 6. My child often avoids tasks that require focused and sustained attention, such as homework.  
 7. My child often loses things, such as school supplies.  
 8. My child is often distracted by noises and is forgetful.  
Problems with Behavior (Hyperactivity and Impulsivity) Yes No
 1. My child often has problems sitting still - seems to be constantly fidgeting and squirming.  
 2. My child often leaves their seat in school when they're not supposed to.  
 3. My child often runs around and climbs on things.  
 4. My child often has trouble playing quietly.  
 5. My child often seems to always be "on the go."  
 6. My child often talks too much for a given situation or blurts out answers when not called on.  
 7. My child often has difficulty waiting for their turn in games.  
 8. My child often interrupts others in conversations.  


Please note: This appraisal is not intended to provide you with a diagnosis. A diagnosis for this condition may be made only after your child has been evaluated by a behavioral health provider. Consider contacting a behavioral health provider if your answers to the appraisal indicate the possibility that your child has Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, or if you have questions or concerns related to this condition.

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